Related projects from previous editions: 11-1 (Public comment was approved to continue making Group B animal sprinklers optional)

For the 2016 Revision the Technical Committee seems to be generally rejecting mandatory expansion of sprinklers to all animal housing facilities:

While the technical committee agrees that no animal should die in a preventable fire, a blanket requirement for sprinklers or smoke control is not a one size fits all solution. Sprinkler discharge may be detrimental to some more sensitive animal types. A smoke control system without a suppression system may actually spread smoke throughout a facility. A combination of prevention and protection designed for the specific animal occupancy is required in order to protect both the animal and human occupants of these facilities. The current breakdown of animal categories is not sufficient to address many of the unique needs of these animals and therefore, the committee has established two task groups. The first task group will work to define the animal occupancy categories beyond Category A and B. The second task group will gather data on animal housing facility fire sources. The task groups will then work together to develop protection levels specific to the unique needs and challenges of the animal categories.