Omar Shehab                                                                    


I'm a PhD student of Computer Science at UMBC under supervision of professor Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr. My research interests center around adiabatic quantum Hamiltonian complexity, quantum computational simulation of topology and use of quantum optics to understand device independent cryptography.

  • I am the current president of the Bangladesh Student Association @ UMBC. If you are coming to UMBC next semester join our FaceBook group or shoot us an email at bangladeshi_studentsATlistsDOTumbcDOTedu!
  • I am a GSA Senator representing the CSEE department for Fall 2013. Please click here to follow the related activities.
  • My blog on how international press is covering the international crimes tribunal of Bangladesh.

Omar Shehab
Room ITE 349
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 12 PM - 1 PM
Phone: 410-455-8933
Email: s h e h a b 1 @ u m b c . e d u