3D Printing

UMakers provides members and with a low cost way to 3D print your objects. 
  • If you bring in your own filament, members print for free. 
  • Members pay  $.025/gm when they use our filament 
  • Non members pay $.05/gm for PLA when they use our filament
  • For example, A 1 inch Cube cost members $.18. Non members $.36 
If you would like to design your own,  For Beginners, I recommend TinkerCAD but here is a list other software you can use

We have several 3D Printers for you to use. 
For our Craftbot
  1. Download Cura  
  2. Go to Thingaverse.com or 7 Best Thingiverse Alternatives of 2018
  3. Search for something and download it.
  4. Open the 3d "STL" File in Cura. 
  5. Save the g-code for the Craftbot to a USB Drive.
  6. Insert the Drive to the top of the Craftbot. 
  7. Find and Press the print button

From Inkscape you can import an inkscape svg if you first, go to Path then Stroke to Path, then save as an inkscape svg. Import SVG to Tinkercad

For advanced users we recommend Fusion 360 


Get the Software

Fusion 360 is a great creative tool that combines industrial and mechanical 3D design, collaboration, and machining into one integrated platform. Fusion’s simple user interface and cloud based platform lets you explore design ideas quickly collaborate efficiently, and easily prepare your models for prototyping.

Best of all, it's free to download for educators, students, institutionshobbyists, and startups! So to get the most out of this class, go download your free copy!

Additional resources:
System requirements
Installation support