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  • Welcome to UMakers Makerspace.
  • UMakers Rules

  • We startup Startups!
  • We believe the Creative Class is in Claremont(The city of Trees and Phd's)  and the surrounding area. 
  • We are a business incubator or accelerator. (There is no reason that these only exist -Where the so-called creative class live(Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, San Diego, etc.) 
  • If the Kaufman Foundation's State of Entrepreneurship 2019 report is correct, only 3 per 1000 per month are starting startups. We see this as and opportunity to sell products and services to the 997 who don't.  
  • As we are a low cost school, we focus on creating Founders and CEO's, rather than developing skills to work for those employers. -Our CEO's will be asking schools to train people for us as they grow. 
  • We are somewhat of shared garage startup- like Amazon, Google, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Disney and many more startups that grown to be the largest companies around/ 
  • We "share" space, rent, experience, tools.
  • 30 to 40% of millennial's have a side hustle, or freelance.
  • 50% of people who get degree's don't work in the field they studied
  • Startups fail because they try to do it alone rather pay for just a share. They go broke before they get going. 
  • Find us on Google Maps
  • I am Rob Perhamus  (Linkedin) My cell is 909-234-3369 Email Rob@UMakers.org Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Meetup Group
  • We are part of Maker Culture and founded simply because the trend was growing everyplace else but here meaning there should be a community makerspace every 2-5 miles.
  • Inspiration:
  • Locally at UMakers, there are:
  • We were the first Small Business Startup Incubator in San Bernardino County
  • We are "crowd-funded" through memberships. Makerspaces are like fitness gyms, "The 5% Rule". Gyms with 7000 members can only fit 200-300 at a time. (We have room for 100 members before growing)
  • We offer a private school experience, with class sizes of 6 or less(often tutored)  
  • We prefer  andragogy over pedagogy( "to lead a child.")(because our members are adults, not children)
  • We are cheap access to cool tools and education. ($600 per year for students) and free parking!
  • We are "Open" when you NEED access- 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. (24 hours on occasion) Includes -Sundays, and Holidays. (Except 11/24 and 12/25)
  • Note: Our Schedule provides access when you need it (days, evenings, weekends, all but 2 days for holidays) 
  • Please Call Rob 909-234-3369 ahead of arriving. I will step out on occasion if no one is at the shop. 
  • Please
  • Restroom is in the corner
  • Free Water is the refrigerator
  • Safety kit is in the North West corner by the window. 
  • Fire extinguisher is by the door and by the the laser 
  • High Speed Internet Access Wifi is UMakers- Password is lightwater942
  • Microwave, Toaster, Free Coffee and sometimes beer and wine(Not when using the dangerous stuff, and only if you are of legal drinking age)
  • Be nice, and share what you know:)