Instructor Materials

This WebQuest is intended for young adults in high school. It was created to be used in libraries, but could also be useful for school or personal use. This WebQuest provides a way for young adults to learn more about The Book Thief and also learn to decipher the difference between fact and fiction in a historical fiction novel. 

The novel The Book Thief includes some mature material, so programs should be conducted with caution. Below are some helpful links that could assist you as you prepare to give instruction on this bestselling novel.  

Random House - Book Thief Teachers
Created specifically for year 9 students. This .pdf was created in the UK, so it has selective terms US instructors may not recognize. The second page describes ways in which instructors can discuss the book with their students, including context, structure, voice, style, and themes. 

Writing Fix - Death Personified
This lesson plan focuses on the personification of Death. Zusak was not the first to use Death as a character. John Donne did the same in his poem Death Be Not Proud. In this activity, students are asked to create an original poem using personification to create a unique voice.

Perth International Arts Festival - The Book Thief Teachers Notes
This extensive .pdf includes suggested "Pre Reading Activities," such as discussing prior knowledge of World War II and watching a World War II movie. The teachers notes include twelve other activities that include: colour and poetry, visual presentation, vocabulary list, debate or essay, a journey, relationships in the novel, book review, storyboard, the Standover Man, creative writing, obituary, and the reader as a 'Book Thief." 

Emily Bastian's Mindmeister - The Book Thief Lesson Plan 
Ms. Bastian discusses how to use Mindmeister, an online book map, to break down concepts in The Book Thief. She shows step by step how to break down the story and put it into Mindmeister. 

NLC - Discussion Questions Book Thief
This .pdf begins by providing information on The Book Thief's author, Markus Zusak. Next, it offers twelve in-depth discussion questions. It also provides activities relating to the books, including altered books. Lastly is a list of other books written by Zusak and a list of fiction and non-fiction companion books similar to The Book Thief. - The Book Thief
This website provides activities and lessons for each section of The Book Thief. It divides the book by its parts and provides a quiz and writing prompts, spelling and vocabulary review, crossword puzzle, word search, circle the correct word, build words, fill in the missing letter, unscramble the words, and vocabulary quiz. It also discusses book reports, daily journaling, and reading comprehensions.