What happens if I am caught plagiarizing?

Your grade can be severely lowered:

That's right, the A you thought you were getting can become an F very quickly if you are adjudged to have cheated. Not only does this affect your progress in a particular course. It also affects your overall GPA, which in and of itself can have more serious consequences. Once your overall GPA drops below a particular point you are placed on Academic Probation, again not a good place to be.

You can receive an F that cannot be replaced:

This grade will remain on your record forever and cannot be removed. If you transfer, it will follow you from institution to institution, and will lead others to question your academic integrity.

You can be placed on probation:

In this instance you would be required to report on a regular basis (maybe monthly or more often) to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Your progress would be evaluated closely by the Director of Judicial Affairs.

You can be suspended:

Suspension, means that you will not be allowed to enroll in classes at any Indiana University campus for a specific period of time, perhaps a semester but frequently for much longer.

You can be expelled:

Expulsion, is perhaps one of the most serious consequences of an act of plagiarism or a lapse in academic integrity. In this instance you will be barred from attending classes at any Indiana University campus forever. All that tuition you paid, all the loans you received towards your education (which still have to be paid back), and all that hard work was for nothing.

You may be denied entrance into a graduate program:

Graduate schools place a lot of emphasis on their incoming students having a solid and dependable academic and disciplinary background. Graduate students today are the professors and instructors of tomorrow; thus, before you decide to plagiarize, think hard, as when you are caught it will affect the rest of your career!

You may be denied joining the service or licensure:

Again like graduate schools, government departments and the armed forces place great emphasis on their entrants' backgrounds. These organizations value integrity, ethics and honor; therefore, an incident of plagiarism on your record may prevent you from serving your country in these important branches of government.

Or, some combination of the above...