This resource site draws upon a tutorial, developed by the Instructional Systems Technology Department in the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington, to offer students a chance to learn to recognize plagiarism. Those responsible and entitled to acknowledgment are:

Content Design: Elizabeth Boling and Theodore Frick
Instructional Development and Formative Evaluation: Meltem Albayrak-Karahan, Joseph Defazio, Noriko Matsumura.
Parts of the tutorial are reproduced here with permission and the full version can be found at <>

Furthermore, much of the information presented here draws upon that provided by  the Academic Centers for Excellence, and in particular the Writers' Room, at Indiana University South Bend. It is reproduced here in the hope that it will encourage more students to avail of the invaluable services these offices provide.The full site can be visited at <>

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How do I quote?
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How do I cite sources?
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What is a bibliography and footnotes?
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