You were raised to be completely selfless, a compassionate member of the Abnegation. As your Choosing Ceremony quickly approaches, you must decide which faction you will join. 

Will you remain with your family and deny your individuality, or will you leave and join a different group? Are you fearless like the Dauntless, or brutally honest like the Candor? Will you value knowledge like the Erudite, or peace and harmony with the Amity? 

Or, will you be different from them all? Use this WebQuest to not only learn more about the book, but to reveal which faction would be your home if you were a character in this novel. 

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                                                                        "One Choice. 

                                                                            One choice, decides your friends. 

                                                                            One choice, defines your beliefs. 

                                                                            One choice, determines your loyalties--Forever. 

                                                                            ONE CHOICE CAN TRANSFORM YOU."  

                                                                             --Veronica Roth, Divergent