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Welcome to the homepage of Dae Wook Kim.  I am a PhD student of School of Informatics and Computing in Indiana University, Bloomington. 

Publications (Selected)

This is the major publications that I am interested in. (Copyright and all rights are reserved by the publishers or authors)

1. Differences in the mechanics of information diffusion across topics: idioms, political hashtags, and complex contagion on twitter
    D. M. Romero, B. Meeder, and J. Kleinberg
    In Proceedings of the 20th international conference on World wide web, WWW ’11, pages 695–704, New York, NY, USA, 2011. ACM. [Link]

2. Intrinsically Dynamic Network Communities
    B. Mitra, L. Tabourier, C. Roth 
    Computer Networks, November 9, 2011 [Link]

Research Centers (or Groups)

The best kickoff on our own research always comes from the most intelligent research centers (or groups). The following list is selected based on my personal criteria.

Indiana University CNetS CNetS is Center for Complex Neworks and Systems Research center in School of Informatics and Computing. The center supports six complex systems research groups which perform interdisciplinary (information, biological and social) research projects. Famous computer scientist, Dr. Filippo Menczer's NaN (Network & agents Network) group developed the monitoring system, Truthy which analyzes the nature of truth, lies and politics in Twitter. It's covered in the Wall Street Journal.
Northeastern University CCNR CCNR in Northeastern University is well-known as Barabasilab. Dr. Albert-László Barabási is one of the most famous physicist in the research field of complex networks. His research group significantly contributed the development of network theory. One of the major contributions is to create the scale-free network concepts.
University of Michigan Dr. Mark Newman's Lab Dr. Mark Newman is an author of the book, Neworks: An Introduction and he had many publications on the fundamental properties (eg., degree distributions, assortative mixing, community structure) of an social networks.
Stanford University Dr. Jure Leskovec's LabDr. Jure Leskovec who is a member of InfoLab in Stanford University developed Stanford Network Analysis Platform (SNAP) which is a massive network analysis and graph mining C++ library. He published a lot of papers that are concerned in mining and modeling a massive online social networks.


Useful applications for Complex Systems and Networks    
Git / Github  Gephi NetworkX  Tex 
Git is very efficient distributed revision control system and Github is a web-based hosting service for the software development collaboration. Gephi is a main open source platform for Complex Network Graph visualization NetworkX is a Python software package to draw dynamcis of complex networks. Tex is a very useful  typesetting system in the form of LaTex.