Special Session: Host-Microbiome Integrations: data analysis, modeling and applications

Advances in metagenomics sequencing, environmental proteomics and metabolomics have enabled researchers to peer into previously invisible ecosystems of prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and viruses.  The influx of data has created a wealth of opportunity for novel trans-omics computational and informatics approaches to viewing the living world and to predict how microbiome communities affect their hosts.  This half-day session will present research in analyzing, modeling, and understanding host-microbiome interactions.

Invited Speakers:
A. Murat Eren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago 

David Perkins, MD, Ph.D.,  Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Medicine, the University of Illinois at Chicago

Jun Sun, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, the University of Illinois at Chicago   

Peter Larsen, MS, Assistant Computational Biologist, Biosciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory 
Yang Dai University of Illinois at Chicago
Peter Larsen Argonne National Laboratory

Session Schedule:
Monday, May 15, 2017 
 3:00pm-3:40pmHigh-resolution tracking of microbial colonization in Fecal Microbiota Transplantation experiments via metagenome-assembled genomes
A. Murat Eren   

 3:40pm-4:00pmTime Series Analysis of Microbiome Associations with Disease Outcomes
Ahmed Metwally, Patricia Finn, David Perkins and Yang Dai

Tuesday, May 16, 2017  
 10:30am-11:10amMicrobes Everywhere
David Perkin,  Ahmed Metwally, Patricia Finn

The Breast Cancer Microbiome and Host Biology
Kevin J. Thompson, James N. Ingle, Xiaojia Tang, Nicholas Chia, Patricio R. Jeraldo, Marina R. Walther-Antonio, Karunya K. Kandimalla, Stephen Johnson, Janet Z. Yao, Sean C. Harrington, Vera J. Suman, Liewei Wang, Richard L. Weinshilboum, Judy C. Boughey, Jean-Pierre Kocher, Heidi Nelson, Matthew P. Goetz and Krishna R. Kalari

 11:40am-12:00pmRule-based machine learning algorithms for antimicrobial resistance prediction
Alexandre Drouin, Frédéric Raymond, Gaël Letarte St-Pierre, Mario Marchand, Jacques Corbeil and François Laviolette

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

 1:30pm-2:00pmExploring Vitamin D Receptor and Gut Microbiota: Push the Envelope
Jun Sun

 2:00pm-2:30pmModeling Emergent Properties of the Mouse Gut Microbiome and Their Effects on Host Obesity 
Peter Larsen, Yang Dai

Great Lake Bioinformatics Conference, May 15-17, 2017, Chicago