Hello and welcome. My name is Dan Wisneski and I am an assistant professor of psychology at Saint Peter's University. My work investigates the causes and consequences of people viewing aspects of their social world through the lens of their core moral beliefs and convictions. I have three primary programs of research that explore (1) what causes people to view social phenomena as related to their moral beliefs (i.e., the process of moralization), (2) individual differences in the tendency to moralize the political (versus non-political) domain, and (3) how adopting a moral frame of mind can motivate political engagement and activism. Across each of these three lines of research, I employ a multi-method approach combining controlled experiments in the lab with large national surveys, often using longitudinal designs.

Contact me:

Daniel Wisneski
Psychology Department
Saint Peter's University
2641 Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07306