Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn facilitates ubiquitous learning, comfortable learning and instant access to Blackboard course sites at UIC from iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android, Blackberry and Palm (HP webOS) smartphones, tablets and mobile Internet-enabled devices.
Blackboard Mobile Learn provides device-specific native apps that take advantage of the mobile devices' capabilities, intelligence and physical characteristics to maximize an intuitive, rich and elegant mobile learning experience.  For a full list of capabilities, see Blackboard Mobile Learn 2.0.

As of May of 2011, all Blackboard Mobile Learn apps can be used on all carriers and Wi-Fi, that is, regardless of Internet access.  
Blackboard Mobile Learn apps can be downloaded free-of-charge at their corresponding App Store for the following mobile Internet-enabled devices:

Apple iPad tablet
Android smartphones and tablets

Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices
Blackberry smartphones and tablets
Palm and other HP webOS smartphones and tablets
  • Free download at the Palm App Catalog