Location: University of Illinois at Chicago

Office: 3357 SES

Phone: Still working on it

Email: ahallo2 (at) uic (dot) edu

I am Abdel halloway, a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago working under Dr. Joel Brown. I am interested in mathematical and theoretical ecology and evolution, specifically evolutionary ecological dynamics and the evolution of group behavior and group dynamics. I am currently looking at the distribution of evolutionarily convergent families to see how their adaptations create biogeographical patterns across continental scales. The study families for this work include the hawkmoths (Sphingidae), hummingbirds (Trochilidae), and sunbirds (Nectariniidae). I am also working on the evolution of biodiversity using game theoretical models called G-functions.

This website contains a more in depth discussion of the research I am doing and interested in, a list of all publications and presentations, a host of links that I find relevant, and a full CV. The links below will give you further information

I wish to thank the NSF for funding my graduate studies allowing me to do this research.