Here are some tools to help you grow professionally!

NAWMBA Name Tags - Free with Membership

Networking is a fundamental part of getting an MBA, which is why each NAWMBA member is gifted with a professional name tag to help stand out from the generic, stick-on badges.  NAWMBA name tags carry the organization's logo engraved in metallic silver plating with a magnetic clipping back.  A plastic cover protects the name tag from scuffing and is removable to allow for personalized engraving.

NAWMBA Business Cards

Business cards are a must if you are looking to use your MBA to start up your career, switch industries or re brand yourself.  
To help you navigate through your networking events, the National Association of Women MBAs offers NAWMBA-branded business cards, approved by the National Chapter, for to print at home or through a commercial printer, such as Vista Print

Fill out the information via the link below and we will email you a commercial-grade print of your business card.

Prefer to carry cards branded with the University of Houston?  

Spicing up your Resume

Word Cloud - by Wordle

Take snippings from job listings and LinkedIn profiles and generate “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text, which can give you a good idea of buzz words to include in your resume.

Resources from Rockwell Career Services Center

Rockwell Career Counselors are here to help you, but you have to reach out first!  Even if you are taking to solo approach to job hunting, you should always check in with a counselor BEFORE you attend your first interview to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row.

Here are some forms provided on the Rockwell Career Center's site that you can use in your job hunt.  There are templates for Thank You letters, first connections on LinkedIn, cover letters and post-interview emails.   

Need a suit?  
Stop by Rockwell to borrow one from their Suit Closet!


Never pass up an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  In grad school, you'll find that lots of companies are given guidelines on the amount of scholarships they must distribute per year.  Not surprisingly, not as many grad students have the time to apply for scholarships so the competition is limited.

Also, scholarships are offered by many companies as a method of sourcing resumes.  Increase your visibility!

Tip #1 - Draft a one page summary of your past achievements, demonstrated leadership and future aspirations.
Almost all scholarship applications will ask for this so once you have a draft, you can edit it slightly to fit the needs of future applications.  Extra hint here: Look at the essay you submitted for your MBA application and see if that can be edited. 

Bauer Scholarships - More Details

Bauer receives guidelines from a laundry list of companies/individuals who have a good idea of how they would like their money distributed.  (If you look closely, one donor specifically asks for NAWMBA members).  You apply once a year and Bauer will reach out to you if you are selected.  Note that these scholarships are usually processed during the spring semester immediately following your first academic year.

Study Abroad Scholarships - More Details

It is possible to receive one during your academic year, so do a study abroad trip if you have time!  Amount of scholarship is typically around $1250.  You won't regret it.

 Asian Alumni Association Scholarships - More Details

The Asian Alumni Association aims to encourage students of Asian origin to pursue studies at the University through this Scholarship Program.  Each scholarship is a one-time award in the amount of $1,000 ($500 each semester) or one $500 award paid in the Fall semester.

Applicant must be a full time graduate student of Asian origin in good standing at the University of Houston central campus, must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher over all courses taken at UH, and must have 18 or more semester credit hours remaining in the degree program at the time of the scholarship award. The recipient must enroll in and complete a minimum course load of 9 semester credit hours (full time student) in the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.

The completed application package must be received by Friday, March 20, 2015. The application package must include: Scholarship Application and an upload of the student's transcript.

NAWMBA Student Scholarships

StoneGate Productions Company has donated two scholarships to our organization for distribution at this year's end.  All members are invited to apply.  Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement and demonstrated leadership on and off campus.  Applications will be posted in April for award distribution in May.


We cannot stress this enough.  Conferences are avenues for recruiting for most major employers.  

Consider how there are hundreds, if not thousands, of MBA students applying for one position online.  Most major companies utilize a resume filtering system to filter our resumes that don't include certain keywords or phrases.  Should your resume find its way through the filter, how do you manage to stand out from the rest?

Place a face to the name by meeting  recruiter at a major conference.  Most conferences last more than a day, but to keep yourself in budget plan on just attending the career fair, which is usually only one day in length and at reduced-cost (if not free) for students to attend.

Membership Benefits from the National Chapter

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Magazine Subscriptions!

As a member of NAWMBA, you may receive a free 1 year subscription to Bloomberg BusinessWeek AND Cake&Whiskey magazines.  

To opt in, please add the following subscriptions to your shopping cart and continue with the check out process. You will not be charged.

Important note: The default address assigned to your profile is 4800 Calhoun.  Please update your email and mailing address in your Profile before submitting your subscription.  

Webinar Series!

NAWMBA has developed a webinar series dedicated to providing members with educational content presented by thought leaders in various functions and industries.  
Through a partnership with Ivy Exec, NAWMBA members can register for webinars free of charge. 

New Webinars Coming Soon...     Link Here!