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Board members must be able to attend mandatory monthly board meetings and at least 75% of the planned events, in addition to their role's specific responsibilities
To apply, please email with the following:

                            1. Statement of Interest - Which position and a brief explanation of why.
                            2. Resume

If you have any questions, please also direct those to

Position Descriptions:

The Executive Vice President of Marketing shall be responsible for designing and implementing the marketing plan, designing  and disseminating publications for events, and managing all digital media efforts.  The Executive V.P. of Marketing is also responsible for working with various board members as needed to ensure corporate sponsors are adequately represented in marketing materials.  Responsibilities include: the creation of marketing materials, flyers and promotional items.  The Executive V.P. of Marketing will also forward all materials to the V.P. of Communications and the V.P. of Membership for distribution to all members via all relevant social media outlets, including: internal communications, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the organization's website.

Average Weekly Time Commitment: 5 hrs


The Vice President of Communications shall handle all internal communications, including drafting and disseminating newsletters, and will review all marketing materials created by the Executive V.P. of Marketing before forwarding to NAWMBA-UH members. The V.P. of Communications will also work closely with the V.P. of Membership to ensure member lists are accurate and up to date. The V.P. of Communications will continue to manage Board email accounts and set up all new internal communication requirements and aid in the transition from previous Board members to new Board members at the end of the spring semester each year. All communications to be forwarded to general body members (excluding event-specific member lists to be handled by the main contact for that specific event) will be sent to the V.P. of Communications for review/corrections first, before being forwarded to final general body recipients. 

Average Weekly Time Commitment: 5 hrs 

The Vice President of Membership shall be responsible for maintaining a current membership roster, tracking membership dues, and communicating with the Executive V.P. of Finance any membership discrepancies.  The V.P. of Membership is also responsible for keeping the local chapter current with the NAWMBA Corporate chapter and is responsible for explaining the benefits of Corporate versus local chapter membership.  The V.P. of Membership will collaborate with the V.P. of Communications in reviewing materials sent to members, manage all member lists, aid in the recruitment of members and manage alumni members by engaging NAWMBA alumni and inviting them to relevant events throughout the course of the academic year.  The V.P. of Membership will also help the Executive V.P. by attending and co-organizing MBA orientation and Rush Week during the fall and spring semesters.  The V.P. of Membership will notify the V.P. of Communications and the president of all new members accordingly to ensure the email distribution lists are current and up-to-date.

Average Weekly Time Commitment: 5 hrs

The Vice President of Community Outreach is responsible for creating a strategic plan each year to work with nonprofits in the Houston community. She will promote philanthropic events and community outreach projects, in addition to supporting the Executive V.P. and the rest of the Board, as needed. She is also responsible for maintaining a database of contacts and managing community relationships. The V.P. of Community Outreach shall also connect with the MBAWI Corporate chapter for information on the Shideezhi Project and update NAWMBA-UH chapter members accordingly, via the V.P. of Communications. 

Average Weekly Time Commitment: 5 hrs 

The Director of Public Relations plays a key role in documenting UH NAWMBA events throughout the semester.   She must own a digital camera, and will be responsible for planning the composition of photographs, analyzing subject material, using artistic judgment, and selecting appropriate equipment to best fit the needs of the assignment. 

Average Weekly Time Commitment: As Needed