A special thanks to all of our directors, sponsors and mentors for making the fall semester a success.  

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MBAWI Panel: "How to evaluate my benefits package" - April 2013

As the end of the spring semester came into focus, MBAWI invited finance industry professionals to offer advice to students about their compensation packages. Members learned how to evaluate their benefits' true value, other than just by looking at the salary.

MBAWI Panel: "Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Entered Business" - April 2013

At 5 pm, MBAWI members sat with a panel of professionals and Bauer College of Business Alumni to ask questions about transitioning into a business environment from the graduate program. Panelists spoke of their own experiences and members discovered ways to learn from them. 

MBAWI Etiquette Dinner - March 2013

At 5:30 pm, MBAWI members joined three professionals from Prudential for an Etiquette Dinner at Crapitto's Cucina Italiana. The speaker, Manny Aragon, is a Manager of Financial Services at Prudential; he explained general etiquette guidelines as well as gave his own personal advice from his past experiences at professional luncheons or dinners. Members were able to enjoy authentic Italian food and ask questions regarding etiquette while eating in a professional atmosphere.