Send Grok for Android user's manual

Send Grok for Android is a simple app that scans tags and sends their tag info to a backend: an HTTP destination (URL), or an email address. As a developer you can control the app from a browser-based app: you can launch Send Grok from your app, use it to scan tags, and then return to your browser-based app. Developers can also have users run Send Grok without connecting it to a browser-based app. To do this, developers will need to provide end users with specific connectivity information to your web server. Send Grok is a complete app available in the app store, not source code, so developers cannot modify Send Grok or its UI.
Send Grok can also copy tag info to the clipboard, allowing the data to be pasted into another app.

Send Grok offers the power of allowing you to quickly get going on U Grok It without having to write a native app.

Because it’s a simple app that only sends tag information, Send Grok has some limitations:

            • It can only do tag inventories, it does not have a locate function.
            • It only displays and sends EPC numbers, not any associated database data.
            • It has to be connected to the backend via cell or wireless connectivity (unless data is being copied to the clipboard).
            • It cannot commission (write) tags.
            • As the developer you have no control over the UI within Send Grok.
            • Small user time overhead for going from the browser app to Send Grok and back.
You can download Send Grok for Android in the Apple Store.

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