What is Inquiry?

Inquiry Process

Creating a Culture of Inquiry
Inquiry is a complex process of constructing personal meaning, applying
critical thinking skills, solving problems, creating understanding, and

In its truest form, the inquiry process requires an individual to look deeper
and beyond the obvious, examine information for validity, point of view
and bias, and construct meaning from all of these endeavours. 
Effective application of an inquiry model can transform novice learners into
interdependent and independent learners, confident of their information
To implement an inquiry model, teacher-librarians and teachers can
establish a culture of “Guided Inquiry” which integrates inquiry skills and
content knowledge. 

The Learning Commons is essential in helping students see the school as a
dynamic learning place where they can continually connect new ideas and
the curriculum to their own world. 
                                                                                                                                                            from: Together For Learning  


Students explore by initiating the inquiry, choosing an appropriate and personally

engaging topic, and developing deep questions around the topic chosen.


Students investigate their topic by designing a plan for inquiry, finding

sources and selecting appropriate information, and formulating a clear and

interesting focus.


Students process what they have found by analyzing the information, evaluating their

ideas and those from selected information, and organizing and synthesizing their



Students create knowledge by making products that present the results of their

inquiry, assessing their product and the process they used to construct it, and

extending and transferring their learning to new contexts and inquiries.