About Me:

My Job:
I'm a Classroom Teacher (Gr.7) and Special Education Resource Teacher in Guelph, Ontario.   I have been teaching for 13 years, within the regular classroom, as well as in specialized classes and positions within my school.  In my current position, I teach a grade 7 class Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as Media Literacy.  I also work within classrooms supporting students with learning challenges and disabilities and much of my time is spent teaching students to effectively use technology to help them overcome their personal obstacles.

My Passion for Technology:

I love technology & realize the power it has in teaching, particularly students with learning challenges and disabilities.  I love training students and staff to effectively use technology to enhance their learning and workflow.  I am extremely fortunate that the Upper Grand District School Board, in which I work, has a Google Apps for Education Domain (UGCloud), as this technology is one of the most effective things I have used in education.  

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