A Brief History of Gladiators

  ( A gladiator is waiting for a response from the crowd to see if the guy lives or die.)
(I will endure to be burned, to be bound, to be beaten , to be killed by the sword)
 This is what was sworn when someone become a Gladiator. Gladiators were chosen from across the Romaine Empire , some captured during battles, some slaves, , some condemned criminals , and others were free men with families seeking fame and fortune.

The gladiatorial era began in the 3rd century BCE as part of a funeral rite during the 1st Punic war. The first Roman Gladiatorial fight was in 264BC by Decimis Lunairus Brutus Scaeva   , this was called a Munus it was done to honor deceased ancestors in this case it was to honor his father. 3 pairs of gladiators fought till the death that day . Later on this was used a political tool .

The status for gladiators was known as "infamis", beneath the law and not a respectable citizen . The more they fought and won the more their reputation swelled in Roman society , some gladiators only fought 2 or 3 times a year other became popular heroes  such as
  • Tetraites, graffiti found in Pompi indicates he was a legend .
  • Pricus and Verus   both gladiators fought so hard that the emperor Titus awarded them both their freedom 

  • Spiculus  Neros favorite gladiator so good at what he did he acquired , slaves homes , and wealth 

  • Marcus Attilius a Roman citizen by birth chose the life of a gladiator to absolve his debts 
  •   ( Marcus  Attilius in battle.)
  • Carpophorous  famous Bestiarius famous for single handed killed bears , and lions .
  • ( Carpophorous fighting a leopard)
  • Crixus  Gallic gladiator huge success as a gladiator later killed his owner

  • Flamma  a Syrian who won his freedom many times but refused to continue to fight 

  • Commodus Roman emperor who fought gladiators, and considered himself invincible

  • Sparticus  lead a huge rebellion of gladiators against Rome

    The status for gladiators was known as " infamis". The gladiators were beneath the law weren't respectable citizens. Some of gladiators may only fought a few times a year while, others may have fought a few times a month depending on popularity.      

The Gladiators trained at special schools called luda and the trainer was called a lanista, the largest school was west of the Colosseum it called Our Ludo Mugnus.

Gladiators had excellent medical care , and nutritious diet, were feed ash as it was believed that it made them stronger.

January 1st 404 AD, during a gladiatorial battle a monk Tale mokhus tired to stop a fight in the Colosseum. The crowd stoned him to death, after the christian Emperor Honorius was impressed by what the monk did, so the Emperor put a ban on gladiatorial games.