Fisheries articles

Here is a collection of popular science fisheries articles.  Hopefully, we will add to this frequently.

Unknowingly Consuming Endangered Tuna- Science Daily: Using DNA barcoding to ID tuna at restaurants

The Environmentalist Stigma- Capt. John McMurray : Regarding the tensions between fishermen and conservationists.

Aquacalypse Now- Daniel Pauly : Only the government has the power to prevent overfishing.

The ecological disaster that is dolphin-safe tuna- Southern Fried Science : Regarding how dolphin-safe tuna fishing harms many other sea creatures

An Unlikely Star Among Seafood Causes a Row- William Broad : Management and over-harvest of the Hoki

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea- Jim Robbins : How rising sea levels may force radical proposals.

Taming the Blue Frontier- Sarah Simpson: About fish farming in the ocean.

Ghosts of oceans past and future- I. Poiner and P. Holm : About efforts to assess historical and pre-historical marine ecology.

Loving fish, this time with the fish in mind- Mark Bittman : How eating sustainable seafood has changed.