1)      What is the University of Ghana campus Wi-Fi?
The University of Ghana campus WI-FI is a wireless internet signal within the confines of the university academic and residential facilities which aims to bring IT closer to both students and Staff in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning

 This enables both students and staff to access the internet on campus using the university network which is spread across most of the university campus through various access points.

2)      Where do I find these UG Wi-Fi hotspots?

UG WI-FI can be found at the following locations: The Balme Library (24 hours section, Graduate Research Commons, Korean ICT Centre), Staff-Resources Centre, LECIAD, Biotech at College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, JQB, School of Pharmacy, ARPIS, Centre for Africa Wetlands, Chemistry Department, Physics Depart, Alumni Office, Soil science of College of Agriculture and Consumer science, Agricultural Engineering Department of College of Agriculture and Consumer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School, History Department, Centre for social and Policy studies, Faculty of Law, Institute of adult and Distance Education, Geography, International Programs office, Statistics Department, University of Ghana Business School, and  Institute of African Studies ).

 3)     Are there any signage or notices that will prompt me that a university facility has WI-FI hotspot around?

Currently there are no signs or notices, but we will be placing WI-FI zone signs (like the one at the top of this guide) at some vantage sections within the university campus where the wifi zones can be found. You can also scan for the signal of any of the available WI-FI hotspots (See Question 6 for list of available hotspots)

The following Students Residences within the university campus have WI-FI zones: Akuafo hall, Legon Hall, Sabah Hall, Commonwealth Hall, Volta Hall, Valco Hostel, Jubilee Hall and International Students Hostel

4)      How do I use the WI-FI on University of Ghana campus?

The UG WI-FI works on only devices that have WI-FI capability (Most laptop computers, tablets and some phones)

5)      Which specific devices can connect to UG Campus WI-FI?

All Laptops with WI-FI capability, desktop computers with WI-FI network card or WI-FI USB dongles.
Smartphones like; Apple iPhone, HTC smartphones, Samsung smartphones and a host of others. 
Tablets like IPAD, Samsung Galaxy tabs, Nexus 7,10 etc.

6)      There are a lot of WI-FI names at where I am located, how do I know which ones belong to University of Ghana?

University of Ghana WI-FI manages four networks: STUDENT’, ‘STAFF’, ‘UGCS’ & ‘GUEST’.

7)      I am confused, which of them can I connect to? 

University of Ghana students should connect to STUDENT’, and UG staff should connect to STAFF  and follow the instructions in the popup window.

8)      I am NEITHER A UG STAFF MEMBER NOR A STUDENT, I came for a programme/seminar organised by the University of Ghana. How do I connect to the WI-FI? Non staff or students are categorised as 'Guests. 'Guests should connect to the GUEST network and follow the instructions in the popup window.

9)      I am an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT on an exchange programme, which one should I connect to?

All international students should connect to ‘STUDENT’. Click on STUDENT and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. More information on how to connect to students is found at the university’s webpage (www.ug.edu.gh) click on UG CAMPUS WIFI NETWORK

10)  I am a visiting lecturer, which one should I connect to and where should I obtain my username and password?

Visiting lecturers should connect to ‘STAFF’. Click on STAFF and follow the instructions in the popup window.

11)  I am national service personnel, what do I do to get WI-FI connection?

National Service persons should click on the STAFF network and follow the instructions in the popup window 

12)  I have seen the WI-FI names [SSID] on my laptop, when I try to connect, it requests a username and password which I don’t have, what do I do?

a)      Instructions for Students: use your student ID number as the username and your password will be the five digit PIN that  you use to your MIS-Web account.

Example. My student ID is 10225890 and my pin is 34221. I will use 10225890 as my username and my password will be 34221 which is my pin.

b)     Instructions for Staff: use your staff number and PIN to connect. (See Q 13 if you don’t have an MIS pin)

13)  I am a UG Staff member, I don’t have a pin, what do I do?

All UG staff have staff IDs and PIN nos, request for it from the MIS section of UG website  or Go to End User Support Unit in the UGCS building ground floor as assistantship. 

14)   Do I have to configure my device before connecting? Yes, you will be unable to connect to the UG WI-FI without configuring it though you might have your correct ID and PIN numbers.

15)  Great, can I bring my device to UGCS to be configured?

No, all users are supposed to configure their devices by themselves. There is a step by step procedure on how to do the configuration that can be found at the University of Ghana webpage. Please click on the ‘UG CAMPUS WI-FI NETWORK’ link and select the name of the device you want to connect to the WIFI.

16)  Why can't I see the  ‘ICTD-OPEN-AREA’ anymore?, how do I get to the University of Ghana webpage when I can’t get internet connection on my device?

In November last year, we informed the user community that we would no longer operate any of the old WI-FI networks and about the new changes in WI-FI implementation on UG campus. We also announced the new student Google email account, procedures. Students and staff are asked to adhere to the procedures so as to not face any inconvenience now that the ‘ICTD-OPEN-AREA’ is no longer operational.

Students can go to UGCS computer lab, halls of residence computer labs to browse to the University of Ghana website in order to have access to the configuration instructions for their devices.

STAFF should use their office desktops or computers at STAFF RESOURCE CENTER.

17)  My friend (colleague/ other staff members/ other students)  have configured their own laptops/devices, can I follow the settings and do the same?

Yes, it’s the same procedure.

19)  My device just can’t connect, should I bring it to UGCS for help & support?

Yes. However, UGCS cannot directly support WI-FI configuration for each individual at the office . Users should report all issues on the WI-FI webpage form (https://sites.google.com/a/ug.edu.gh/ug-campus-wireless-network-2/) or to the email addresses below. UGCS Support Staff will respond to you as soon as possible. Please include your student or staff ID, level, phone number and problem description in your mail.

Pamela Pomary, UGCS ppomary@ug.edu.gh

Emmanuel Tetteh, UGCS ematetteh@ug.edu.gh


Hall IT Administrators can be contacted to support the configuration if a Student or staff runs into any difficulty.

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