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Forensic Science

Welcome to Forensic Science.

Use the links to the right to navigate to important things you'll need for this class.  Do your homework, study for tests, finish your projects on time and you'll make it through this class just fine!

Your midterm exam is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  The final exam is Friday, January 31, 2020. School policy states that if you are absent on an exam day, it must be an excused absence or you may not make up the exam and the score will be a zero.

Some things to know and do:
  • There is a rather expensive, very heavy textbook for this course, that you absolutely MUST read if you plan to pass any tests.  Test materials will be based on the materials you get in class, the labs you do individually or with a partner and most definitely the READING.  Keep the textbook at home.  Do NOT bring it to class.  Do NOT leave it in your locker.  Do NOT bring it to class, and most obviously do NOT leave it in your locker.  You can't do your reading and homework unless the book is AT HOME.
  • There is a RealTime course page for this class where you will be able to download copies of ALL chapter notes, study materials and vocabulary lists.  Please consider going there and downloading copies of these papers instead of taking a zero for an assignment because you've misplaced the one you received in class.  Log onto your RealTime account and look for the link to Teacher Pages.  Materials are organized by chapter.
  • Vocabulary lists are due the day that the test for the chapter is given.  Vocabulary MUST be hand written, not done on the computer, all all words from the list must be included for full credit.  The definitions can be found in the glossary you received the first day of school.  This is a copy of the glossary from the textbook and can also be found on the course RealTime page.
  • Have your Chrome book, a three ring binder and something to write with every day.
  • Homework calendars will be distributed every Friday for the upcoming week and are available as one of the links on this page.  Live by that calendar to keep track of quizzes, labs, tests and assignments.
  • RealTime grades for materials that are handed in ON TIME are updated frequently.  Late work is another story and patience is a virtue.
  • There will be five (5) current event articles due over the course of the marking periodClick here for details.


Eugene hiding

Eugene slowly realizes he's been spotted and the jig is now, officially, up.