Welcome to Class! Mrs. Smith Room 414

Info for the Year

Honors gets to pick TWO summer reading books, get busy!

Get a BINDER.  Get tons of paper. Get ready to learn the history of the modern world! Sections? Notes, maps and homework. That means you are taking notes the old fashioned way (gasp) with a pen and paper. You are expected to have your Chromebook ready to use everyday, whether we use it or not. 

We don't have an online book but this one is really close. If you are in a jam, check it out http://jmcentarfer.tripod.com/textbook.htm

Google Classroom this Year is a must! You will get on the first day, with the code. 

A Day-https://classroom.google.com/u/2/c/NTA3ODM2MDY5Mlpa

B Day - https://classroom.google.com/u/2/c/NTA3ODY3OTE1N1pa

I am always here  after school and before school if you need to fine me! I'm also just an email away smithm@ufrsd.net!