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Pre Calculus

Welcome to Pre Calculus!

Mrs. Christensen

E-mail: ChristM@ufrsd.net

Phone: (609) 259 - 7292 ext: 1302

I am so excited to be teaching you this year!  Before we go over what is expected of you in this course, let me first make the most important objective clear; I will do everything in my power to ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in this class.  I only require that you give me the same effort in return.  I am looking forward to working with you and excited about the start of this year.

Prerequisite: Algebra II/Trig ("B-"/80 or better average strongly recommended), or Algebra II Honors (“C”/70 or better average strongly recommended). It is highly recommended that students purchase their own graphing calculator for this course. 
(TI 84 Plus is the recommended calculator)

Entry Level: Grade 12

In this course students will study quadratic functions, rational functions, logarithms, exponential functions and trigonometric functions. This course provides a fourth year of math for students who wish to further their math education or to prepare students to move on to Calculus.

All class materials can be accessed through Google Classroom.  Please join using the following code. 
Google Classroom Code: e4lhgn

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