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Units of Study, K

                   Kindergarten Units
                               *Timing and units are subject to change based on the needs of each class

Estimated Timing

Reading Workshop

Writing Workshop


Nursery Rhymes/Rhyming/Poems

Pictures Tell Stories

October - November

We Are Readers:

Launching the Reading Workshop

Launching the Writing Workshop

December - January

Super Powers:

Reading with Print Strategies and Sight Word Power

Writing for Readers:

Writing True Stories/Narratives


Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles

Tackling More Challenging Books

How-To Books:

Writing to Teach Others


Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles:

Zooming in on Letters and Sounds

Letter Writing:

Community Unit/Post Office


Becoming Avid Readers

Persuasive Writing:

Using Words to Make a Change


Becoming Avid Readers:

Learning From Non Fiction  Books

Non-Fiction writing

***All Year Long

*Animal Word-Solving Strategies

*Listening/Story Comprehension
(setting, characters, plot, problem, solution)

*Reading at Just-Right levels

*Reinforcing Sentence Structure  (Use of Spacing, Grammar and Punctuation)

*Writing Sentences on Topic