Welcome to English 2

Class Information

Course:  English 2
Teacher:  Mr. Marc Angelaccio
                 Ms. Diana Nahmod
Date:  Fall 2016
Place:  Room 303

Course Objective:

English 2 is designed to enhance students' skills through the engagement of various texts and modes of communication. Students will develop an understanding of how authors achieve their goals, as well as how they can do the same.

Units of Study:

    • The Hero's Journey
    • The Mythological Hero
      • The Legendary Hero
              • The Tragic Hero
              • The Modern Hero

Assignments                                            Click on the link above to access assignment date, descriptions, assignment sheets, and worksheets.
AssignmentDue Date
Legends Research Report December 2, 2016 
Betrayal Skit December 2, 2016 
Legends Test December 6, 2016 
Vocab 7 Notecards December 9, 2016 
Vocab 7 Quiz December 9, 2016 
Shakespeare Research December 9, 2016 
Vocab 8 Notecards December 15, 2016 
Bloody Dagger December 15, 2016 
Vocab 8 Quiz December 16, 2016 
Vocab 9 Notecards December 22, 2016 
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