Computer Systems Engineering is a unique blend of selected fields from electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics required to design and develop computer systems. This branch of engineering provides the computational apparatus for technological growth in almost all fields of science and technology and has a huge impact on the economic development around the world. Once a blooming technology, it has now taken deep roots in every field of life. 

The Department of Computer Systems Engineering (DCSE) strives to impart skills such as digital systems design, computer programming, software engineering, digital signal processing, control systems and microprocessor based systems design and development. Such skills are required in a broad range of technological fields such as consumer and medical electronics, custom electronic design, digital communications systems, computer networks, transport systems, factory automation and digital computer graphics.

The Computer Systems Engineering degree program is a combination of computer hardware and software engineering with a good foundation in electrical and electronics engineering. The degree programs provide a combination of basic fundamental knowledge in computer systems, practical skills in hardware and software design, general problem solving skills required in designing and building systems, verbal and written communications, final year project work, exposure to a variety of existing and leading edge electronics hardware and software technologies. The course work is organized around key areas of Computer Systems Engineering and in quite a few cases; successful completion of basic course is a pre-requisite for registration in an advanced course in a particular area.