Download and Contact

  • How to install
    • You need JDK 1.6 or higher to run the Process Codi Community Edition.
    • After downloading " or tar" from above download instruction, Extract the compressed file by using Unzip or extraction tools over there.
      • <processcodi_home> is the target directory extracted.
    • If you already have mysql instance, run the SQL script for creating table: <processcodi_home>/codi/webapps/uengine-web/resource/mysql/processcodi.sql
      • After creating tables, you need to set the connection info to the <processcodi_home>/codi/webapps/uengine-web/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml and <processcodi_home>/codi/webapps/uengine-web/WEB-INF/classes/org/uengine/ described below:
      • in applicationContext.xml: change the url, username, and password inside the 'dataSource' element, 
      • in change the entry 'jdbc.url', 'jdbc.username' and 'jdbc.password'.
    • If you don't have mysql installation , you can just download preset version of mysql using download link above.
      • Run the database server by running the 'runMySQLServer.bat' in the directory '/mysql/bin/'.
      • Note that currently only the windows version is available
    • Run the tomcat server by running the '' or 'startup.bat' in the directory '<processcodi_home>/codi/bin/'.
    • Visit the initial page with URL - 'http://localhost:8080/uengine-web'.
    • Click the 'SIGN UP' button there.
    • The automated Guided Tour will guide you to initial usage of process codi.