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2010-11-15 Meeting

Prior to this meeting:

Participants should have read chapters 1 and 2 of the XML reference book.

  • Dave
  • Becky
  • Christy
  • Nancy
  • Maria Fargo
  • Carrie
  • Dean
  • Pat
  • Mathieu
  • Karen K.
  • Anita
  • Evan

XML is practically the same as HTML, but you invent your own tags

Strict nesting

Attribute: Why would you have attributes instead of child nodes? 
- Attributes are tricky, more restrictive, can't use & <>
- If you think your attribute applies only to one element, put it in
- If you think it can be used outside
- Attributes can be used for generic items (like classes in HTML)

In Pat's test, Individuals have a value, gifts should have a value.

We're trying to get how to retrieve the value of a attribute

Does a blank line become a space in XSLT files?
No, but using the numerical value for &nbsp; (&#160;) will leave a non-breaking space.

Evan to share a link on XML rules on the site

Karen to find a chart of special characters
Also added to 02-Lessons Learned.

Next Monday, let's review 1 and 2 again

Mathieu to send another Tungle for the week after Thanksgiving

Action Items: