Software to Edit XML

  • Notepad - Windows
  • oXygen ($64) - Windows, Mac, Linux
    • this takes forever to launch on my Windows XP machine
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (around $200) - Windows and Mac
    • this works well, and has the advantage of built-in ftp. 
    • not sure how well feature set compares against others
    • to preview your results, hit F12 while viewing the xsl page. Dreamweaver auto-generates an html page on your hard-drive, and displays it in the browser. No upload required
  • Notepad++ (Free and Open Source) - Windows only
  • jEdit (Open Source) - An outstanding Java-based programmers text editor with a large collection of plugins. Works in (at least) Windows, OS X, Linux, Unix OS/2, & VMS
  • Eclipse (Open Source) - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with support for a wide variety of languages.