Welcome to the Winter Research Symposium 2015

Our sixth annual Winter Research Symposium will be held on February 13, 3:00-6:30pm, in Gore Hall 104 and the adjoining rotunda.
The Winter Research Symposium is a showcase of the research and scholarship of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Lectures and posters exhibit the variety of exciting work being done by our graduate students. The event also features a guest lecture by a distinguished graduate of our PhD program.

All in the university community are welcome to attend. Prospective graduate students, please scroll down.


 3:00-3:15Welcome and announcement of the First Wenbo Li Scholarship of Graduate Research
 3:15-3:30    Jiange Li
From Sumset to Entropy
 3:30-3:45Jason Vermette
The Spectra of Simplicial Rook Graphs
 3:45-4:00Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet
Simulation of linear elastic waves with the Delta Boundary Element Method 
 4:10-4:45Prof. Keith Mellinger (University of Mary Washington)
The Journey: From finite geometry to application 
 4:45-5:00Yu Sun
Information Transfer in Swarms with Leaders 
 5:00-5:45Refreshments and posters 
 5:45-6:00Weiqiang Li
On the spectrum of Wenger Graphs
 6:00-6:15Shelvean Kapita
Residual based adaptivity and PWDG methods for the Helmholtz equation 
 6:15-6:30Michael Stapf
Evaporation and Dynamics of the Human Tear Film


  • James Alexander. Enumeration of independent sets in graphs
  • Chris Castillo. Using polynomials to coordinatize finite projective planes
  • Lei Chen. Clustering outcome from hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  • Michael DePersio. Parameter sensitivity of multiscale chemical reactions
  • Irene de Teresa. Nondestructive testing of delamination
  • Ryan Evans. Modelling multi-component surface volume reactions
  • Isaac Harris. The factorization method for a defective region in an anisotropic material
  • Matthew Hassell. Coupling of the boundary element and the finite element methods for waves in the time domain
  • Rafael Plaza. Stability for intersecting families in PGL(2,q)
  • Klajdi Qirko. A least squares method for the div-curl system
  • Tianyu Qiu. Time domain boundary integral equations for scattering of acoustic waves by multiple layered obstacles
  • Jacob Rezak. A quasi-backscattering problem for inverse acoustic scattering
  • Shuying Sun. Some extremal problems about 4-cycle-free graphs
  • Fan Yang. The scattering of electromagnetic waves inside a waveguide.

Prospective students

The Winter Research Symposium is an ideal day for you to visit UD and get to know the campus and the department. We arrange time for you to learn about our programs and meet some of our faculty and students before the Symposium program starts in the afternoon.

Beginning at 11:00, the Graduate Director, Professor Sayas, will give an overview of our programs and what it is like to get a PhD at Delaware. Following this session, some of our current students will take you out to lunch as a group and give you a quick tour of the town and campus. Then you'll have short meetings with several faculty to talk about their research projects and answer your questions. Finally, we'll lead you over to the Symposium events at 3:00. We hope you'll at least stay for the poster session!

If you are interested in attending, please contact Debbie See and let her know so that we can prepare some materials for you. The department is located in Ewing Hall and Ms. See is in room 301A. The most convenient parking is in the Trabant Parking Garage.