New Ways to Use Class Time

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Work with your departmental scheduling liaison to make them aware of your interest.  You can either request Gore 218 or, for the iPad cart only, request any classroom in Gore. 
This past summer Gore 218 and 310 were redesigned to pilot new technologies to assist the way faculty interact with students and to make better use of class time. The goal of this new venture is to determine which emerging technologies work or don't work in a teaching environment. 

New furniture in both rooms allow the classroom to be set up in a front-of-room teaching style, or allow students to easily separate into groups in a PBL classroom setup.

Gore 218 features an interactive smart style board and built-in desktop. Just bring your course material on a thumb drive. In addition, there are five flat screens located around the room for up to five break-out groups. Students can use their own laptop or a provided netbook. If you like what one group is doing, share their screen with the rest of the class at the push of a button.  Further information:

Video based on fall 2011 experience in English writing course:

Bernhardt and Downs from Gore 218 hosted by UD Capture

Issues to be addressed:
  • What new technologies are available for use in a classroom setting?
  • How can I use some of the emerging technologies in my classroom?
  • Steve Bernhardt, English (video appearance)
  • Elizabeth Downs, English (video appearance)
  • Frank Eastman, IT Academic Technology Services
  • Paul Rickards, IT Academic Technology Services
  • Lou Rossi, Mathematical Sciences