iPads in the Classroom

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IPads in the Classroom from Winter Faculty Institute 2012 hosted by UD Capture

The iPad is one of the most popular pieces of technology to hit the streets in a long time. It is widely regarded as a personal device that is easy to pick up and begin using without training. But so often we hear from faculty members who find only a small amount of uses for their iPad within their classes. We are going to dive deeper and explore what it will take to leave the bulky laptop behind. We'll discuss what steps to take in order to use the iPad to display presentations and manage all of your educational materials. 

Issues to be addressed:
  • What equipment is needed to use an iPad to present?
  • What apps are used to display presentations and different file types?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages when you leave behind the laptop?
  • What are some popular apps for classroom use?
  • How do I use the iPad for ____________?

    • Jevonia Harris, IT Academic Technology Services
    • Joe Kempista, IT Client Support & Services
    • Jennifer Nauen, Biological Sciences
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