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Open Textbooks from Winter Faculty Institute 2012 hosted by UD Capture Description:

As we look at rising tuition costs for our students, we often forget about a major cost issue: textbooks. Many of the introductory textbooks supported by the "big five" publishers are well over $100 a piece, sometimes breaking the $200 barrier. Also, because of their paper format, they are rigid, clunky, heavy, and leave students wondering if they'll be able to sell them back if a new edition comes out.

Educators and legislators everywhere have taken action to replace traditional textbooks with less expensive electronic versions, and even free openly available alternatives. In the last couple of years, open textbooks repositories and vendors have started to pop-up everywhere. Open textbooks generally let instructors customize the content to their own needs, exposing their students to just enough information.

What does this all mean to UD faculty? Where should we start?

Key questions regarding open textbooks:
  • Where can we find open textbooks?
  • How can we edit open textbooks?
  • How can we publish open textbooks?
  • How can we determine the value of open textbooks?
  • How do students react to the use of open textbooks?
  • Is it possible to make a case to UD faculty that open textbooks are worthwhile and sustainable?

WFI2012 - Open Textbooks

  • Andrea Everard, Accounting & MIS
  • Mathieu Plourde, IT Client Support & Services