Meaningful Clicker Use

Meaningful Clicker Use from Winter Faculty Institute 2012 hosted by UD Capture

Lori Pollock, Computer & Information Science
Sandy McVey, IT Academic Technology Services 

Leveraging a simple tool like clickers for maximum impact requires crafting effective questions. Because every clicker response is related to a particular remote's ID, there's no reason to waste precious class time asking a question like, "Are you here today?" It may seem challenging to write meaningful multiple-choice questions, but there are proven methods that can be modified for your class. Many faculty award points to motivate student interaction, but their scoring schemes vary. Strategies that anticipate absences or forgotten clickers eliminate grading stress and increase the value of this technology by shifting the focus from performance to active participation.  
Issues that may be addressed:
  • How can I create high-value questions?
  • Should I give credit for participation, performance, or both?
  • Is there value to anonymous questions?
  • How can an "on-the-fly" question improve communication?
  • How can I massage clicker grades?
Next Steps:
Join the January 25th webinar hosted by Roger Freedman from anywhere or watch with other faculty in the ATS consulting space in East Hall: Clickers in the Classroom: Pedagogical Best Practices

  • Faculty excerpts from, "Improving Student Engagement in Lectures with Clickers," event.
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Readings: PDFs available online
Books: available from the ATS lending library PDFs available online
What's next?
  • Updated Mac software now available resolves issues with Lion OS and improved communication with Sakai to only display "Published" courses.