When:  January 18, 8:30 - Noon
Where: Rodney Room, Perkins Student Center

Are you familiar with an Unconference or Barcamp?  IT CS&S is hosting this type of event the morning of January 18 and we’re inviting all IT-Pros to participate.  Here’s what makes an unconference unique, but also see the links we provided for a more complete description.

Everyone has an opportunity to put conference topics on the agenda as sessions, anyone can lead a discussion and no formal presentation or preptime is necessary.  After the opening welcome, we’ll break out  into groups.  You’ll be able to join the group where the topic area is of interest to you or one you’re interested in facilitating.  Once we know what you’re interested in learning about or sharing, we’ll create a preliminary agenda for the morning but you can also bring topics of interest to the conference with you.

This will be a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with other IT professionals as well as share ideas, network, learn, and generally interact with other tech types.

The unconference will begin at 8:30 with breakfast and welcoming remarks from both Carl Jacobson and Pat Sine.

We hope you’ll plan to join CS&S staff and your IT colleagues on January 18.

More information and registration will be sent in the New Year.