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General Information

      I.            Team History

The University of Delaware Swim Club was founded on November 1, 2006. It was unanimously voted into existence by the members of the UD recreation services board. The four founding members were Elizabeth Keighley, Andrea Stehman, Collin Francis, and Evan Scott. The founding members were also the first four executive officers of the club. The club started with 20 members and has quickly exploded into one of the biggest sports clubs on campus, as well as one of the biggest swim clubs in the nation. In the spring of 2008 UDSC became an official member of the American Swimming Association, That same spring the club participated in its first nationals meet. The club had a strong showing at that meet and walked away with a seventh place finish. Then, in the fall of 2008 the club became an original member of the Mid Atlantic Region of ASA and was awarded the honor of hosting the first ever Regional Championships.

   II.            Meets

4.1 Meet Entry Procedures

           A google form will be sent to the team. Please fill out whether or not you are participating and then choose your events. When finished select submit.

***** Once this email is received, you are bound to the meet and cannot back out. If you fail to show up for the meet you will be financially responsible for the money the club paid for you as well as the price of the meet. You are responsible for your own actions.


III.            Practice

5.1 Practice Schedule

        Practices for UDSC are Monday-Thursday in the water at 9:30 pm and  getting out at 10:30. It is encouraged to arrive around 9:00pm in order to get in the water on time. This semester we will offer optional dry land practices starting at 9:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These will consist of abdominal workouts, squats, pushups, pull ups and other gut wrenching exercises in order to get that sexy look you’ve always desired.


5.2 Practice Attendance

Practice is not mandatory but it is highly             suggested that you attend. For past travel meets, we     have had to make cuts due to travel constraints and priority is given to those who have been in attendance at practice. Thus, attendance will be taken at every practice and it is your duty and responsibility to check yourself in with the secretary prior to each practice.

VI. Team Bylaws


of the


November 1, 2006


1.1       Name:   This Organization shall be known as the University of Delaware Club Swim team (UDSC), so long as it is to be recognized by the University of Delaware.


2.1       Purpose:   The purpose of this organization shall be to direct its efforts to encourage, advance, and improve the sport of swimming, in a less intense level of competition than a varsity level sport in all of its phases at the University of Delaware.  It is the intention of this organization to work within the structure and limitations of the University of Delaware. 


3.1       Seal:   This organization shall have a seal, which shall be circular impression having inscribed thereon the name of the organization, the year of inception and the words “Swimming Club at the University of Delaware”

3.2       Insignia:   This organization shall have such official insignia as the membership may determine


4.1       Membership:   Membership in this organization shall be obtained from the following groups:

            4.11 Full-time Undergraduate students at the University of Delaware,


5.1   General Membership:   The UDSC General Membership shall be composed of the dues paying members of this organization.  It shall elect the members of the UDSC Executive Board.  It may recall any UDSC officer by any affirmative vote on the part of two thirds of the General Membership.  It must approve all major UDSC policy decisions including the expenditure of more than one hundred dollars on any single item not expressly provided for in the UDSC budget before any final action is taken.  Upon receipt of a petition signed by twenty percent of the General Membership, The president shall be required to call a General Membership Meeting within seven days.

5.2       Executive Board:   The UDSC Executive Board shall be made up of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Faculty Advisor. 

            5.3       Officers:

            5.31     President:  This person takes the responsibility to:

                        1. Represent UDSC to the University of Delaware and the community

                        2. Aid communications between UDSC officers

                        3. Liason to UDSC Faculty Advisor

                        4. Long term UDSC planning

                        5. Overseeing UDSC financial matters

                        6. Liason to UDSC lifeguards

                        7. Responsible for UDSC membership list

            5.32     Vice President: This person takes the responsibility to:

                        1. Oversees UDSC training

                        2. UDSC Certification

                        3. Up keep of UDSC safety standards

                        4. Direct activities at the UDSC pool

                        5. Oversees UDSC fund raising

            5.33     Treasurer: This person takes the responsibility to:

                        1. Manage UDSC account with the University of Delaware

                        3. Plans UDSC future budget

                        4. Makes formal requests for additional UDSC funds

            5.34     Secretary: This person takes the responsibility to:

                        1. All UDSC written communication

                        2. Advertises UDSC to the community

                        3. Direct UDSC mass mailings

                        4. Communicate with the Review concerning UDSC

                        5. UDSC Alumni Updates

                        6. Organize fundraisers

5.4       Faculty Advisor:        The General Membership shall elect a Faculty Advisor from the University of Delaware Faculty.  That person shall serve at the discretion of the General Membership, and be a member of the Executive Board.

5.5       Ex-officio Officers:   The President may appoint such additional officers as he/she deems necessary.  They are to be classified as ex-officio members of the Executive Board.


6.1       General Membership Meetings:   General Membership Meetings shall be called when information cannot be addressed through email or at practice.  The President shall give written notice of the location of the General Membership meeting to all General Membership Members at least twenty hours in advance.

6.2       Elections:   All UDSC Officers shall be nominated for office during a General Membership meeting at the end of the Fall semester.  There will be elections for every position, every NovemberMembers of the team present at the previously announced election date will vote. The votes shall be counted by all officers that are not running for a position.

(NOTE: In the special case where all 4 positions need officers without previous experience, elections should be held in the beginning of the fall semester to allow them to shadow the current officers.)

6.3       Requestion Meetings:   Any officer may call a meeting of the Executive Board to be arranged in no less time than one week.  All organization of such a meeting is the responsibility of the officer making the request.  Any member may request a General Membership Meeting to discuss relevant topics.

6.4       Decisions:   All decisions made during a UDSC General Membership Meeting must be confirmed by a quorum.

            6.5       Quorum:   Thirty five percent of the General Membership constitutes a quorum.

            6.6       Emergencies:   Any emergency decision that cannot be dealt with by standard review by the UDSC General Membership can be acted on by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  Any such decision can be confirmed or rejected by a quorum of the General Membership at the following General Membership Meeting.


7.1       Property Rights of Members: Any and all rights and interests of any member in the property and privileges of the organization shall cease with the termination of his her membership or the failure to pay appropriate UDSC dues.

7.2       Property Purchases:   No real property shall be purchased by this organization without approval by appropriate University Officials, and it shall be titled in the name of the University of Delaware.

7.3       Gifts:   UDSC shall not seek gifts, grants or benefactions from outside the University of Delaware without express advance consent from the University of Delaware.

7.4       Contracts:   UDSC will not enter into contracts to render service to groups outside the University of Delaware without prior consent from the University of Delaware.


8.1       Dues:   Dues shall be set by the Executive Board and agreed upon by a majority vote of General Membership in an amount to cover operational needs.

8.2       Payment: Dues will be paid within 2 weeks after the start of practice at the beginning of each semester.

8.3       Unpaid: If dues are not paid in a timely fashion, participation from meets and practices will be suspended until dues are paid.

8.4       Refunds: After dues have been handed to the treasurer, they will not be returned to the member.


9.1       Amendments:   The UDSC By-Laws may be amended at any general Membership meeting upon an affirmative vote of two thirds of the General Membership, provided that one week notice of intention to amend has been made in writing to the General Membership.  Notice must specify which By-Laws are being considered.  The Charter and By-Laws will not be amended without approval of the University of Delaware.


            10.1     Lifeguards: No member shall enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty


IV.            Dues

6.1 Amount charged for dues will be determined before the start of each semester. They serve to cover the cost of meets, pool rental, travel, and league registration fees. 

6.2 Refund

Per section 8.4 of the bylaws NO refunds will be given. Not ever, Not for any reason.


   V.            Reimbursement

7.1   General Reimbursements

All persons needing reimbursement from the club must fill out the attached form. This includes reimbursement for meet fees, food, drink, supplies, and any other miscellaneous costs related to team function. You must completely fill out the form and attach a receipt for every purchase inquired about. You must hand the completed form with receipts to the president for approval. If you are a UD employee, money will be direct deposited into your account. If you are not a UD employee, a check will be sent through US mail in a timely fashion.


7.2 Gasoline Reimbursements

All persons needing gasoline reimbursements will be asked to fill out an information sheet prior to the meet. Failure to attend practice and complete form will result in the forfeiture of all reimbursement for the given trip. It is the duty of the driver to complete the form NOT the duty of the club. . If you are a UD employee, money will be direct deposited into your account. If you are not a UD employee, a check will be sent through US mail in a timely fashion.


VI.            Hazing

            The club takes an active roll against hazing. All members must sign UD’s hazing policy for club sports before they are allowed in the water. Hazing also falls under the code of conduct policy that all members must also sign. In short, Hazing will not be tolerated by the UDSC and any allegation of such, will be investigated to its fullest extent.