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About the SFI

The Summer Faculty Institute is the premiere event at the University of Delaware for faculty to take advantage of the latest research and technological advances in classroom and online instruction. The program changes each year to reflect the latest progress demonstrated by UD faculty, the newest insights from educational research, and the latest opportunities presented by technological advances.

Since 1996, the Summer Faculty Institute has offered opportunities to explore the connections among teaching, learning, and technology at the University of Delaware. The Summer Faculty Institute offers a week-long, hands-on curriculum for faculty and others involved in teaching.

Recent Summer Faculty Institutes

Program Keynote presentation Plenary and other guest presentations

Excellence in College Teaching and Learning
Susan Smith Nash

Syllabus 3.0
Allen Partridge, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Leveraging mobile information and social technologies for the classroom
Jon Landis, Apple, Inc.


Design thinking as a learning process
Reinhold Steinbeck, Stanford

Effective online instruction
Bryan Carter, University of Central Missouri

Engaging the best students
Alan Fox, University of Delaware


Harnessing the power of social networks in teaching & learning
Alec Couros, University of Regina

Beyond our biology: an inside look at Second Life
John Lester, Linden Labs


50 ways to tell a story
Alan Levine, New Media Consortium

Selecting Sakai tools based on how people learn
Fred Hofstetter, University of Delaware

The evolution of the digital learner
Lester Ray, Apple, Inc.

Using technology to enhance instruction & engage students,
Kimberly Dyar, Cecil County Public Schools


Multimedia learning
Richard Mayer, UC Santa Barbara

Calibrated peer review
Todd Nickle, University of Calgary

Engaging an open source course management system
David Goodrum, Indiana U-Bloomington


Designing interactive learning for visually-hungry learners
Curt Bonk, Indiana University

New directions in instructional technology
Mark Pellegrini, Wikipedia

Elevating the interactivity of technology-based materials
Phil Stephens, Villanova


Building creativity into education: Human needs and the new computing technologies
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland

Staying motivated teaching with technology
Anastasia Morrone, IUPUI