Field Experience Information (CRJU 495)

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 Last Updated February 22, 2017

Dept of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is continuing efforts to connect with students interested in pursuing a law enforcement career within DHS. In the next few weeks, the Department will host a series of virtual webinars to discuss DHS missions and law enforcement career opportunities.


Available dates for an upcoming webinar are as follows:

·         Wednesday, March 2, 2017 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST

·         Monday, March 6, 2017 from 11:00 12:00 a.m. EST

·         Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST  

Also See Table below for updated info on additional ongoing internship opportunities.  

  • Center for Drug Alcohol and Health Studies seeks a rising senior who intends on applying to graduate school.  If you have a strong work ethic, enthusiasm for issues of crime, justice and health policy, and an excellent GPA, contact for more info.  
***Please contact Professor Dan O'Connell to apply:
  • Description
The Wilmington Police Department is looking for an intern(s) interested in experiencing and impacting the criminal justice system. The intern(s) who fills this position will work in WPD’s brand new Real Time Crime Center, which was created to bring the newest technology to the department, and mark the shift towards intelligence-led policing. The Real Time Crime Center utilizes technology such as ShotSpotter and AVaiL in monitoring daily police activity and calls for service, as well as producing tactical and strategic crime reports. Interns will work alongside crime analysts and criminal intelligence officers, and handle real police report data as they assist in producing intelligence bulletins and managing day-to-day operations. It is essential that applicants to this position have discretion, critical thinking, and are detail-oriented.
    • Responsibilities
    Monitor RTCC’s feeds and technology
      Assist in 911 communications
      • Review police reports
      Update databases and assist in file management
        Attend strategy meetings
          Assist in producing intelligence reports and bulletins

          • Requirements
          Students applying for this internship must be able to pass a background check, as well as obtain DELJIS access [See “Rules and Regulations” Section 8.0]. Applicants should have strong communications skills, attention to detail, and willingness to learn new crime analytic programs. Applicants should be proficient with Microsoft Office, specifically Excel, Word, and Access. 
          • Time Commitment 
          Due to necessary training, a one-year commitment to this position is required. Interns will work ten hours a week, with scheduling flexible around college classes. Occasionally, attendance at meetings or training will be mandatory.
          • Racial Equity Project: Fall 2016 
          ***Please contact Professor Dan O'Connell to apply:
          University of Delaware and Delaware Attorney General Collaboration

            PI/Instructor: Daniel O’Connell
              Graduate Research Assistant: TaLisa Carter.
                UD Professor/RJP research team: Karen F Parker
                  UD CJ Students 4-6 CJ Undergrads in excellent standing.
                    Goal: In order to initiate a process for the investigation of racial equity in prosecution as requested by the Delaware State Attorney General (AG), The University of Delaware (UD), through the Center for Drug and Health Studies and the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, proposes a modest pilot program to begin examination of prosecutorial procedures in the State of Delaware. This first stage pilot effort is aimed at enabling the Race, Justice, Policy (RJP) team to familiarize itself with the process and data related to case processing in the state. That is, we propose to examine case flow through the Delaware Prosecution system during the summer months.
                      Objectives: The summer 2016 effort will involve members of the RJP team composed of one UD Scientist, one UD Professor, one Ph.D. candidate student in Criminal Justice and 4-5 interns from the Criminal Justice Major. The UD team will coordinate with the AG’s office to:
                        1) Orient the RJP team to Delaware AG’s office case processing, including computer entry of current case information and case level paper files.
                          2) Examine data on a selection of cases from with 2013 or 2014 for the following lead offense: Drug Offences, Domestic Violence, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, and Robbery.
                            3) Understand key processing and decision making points by the AG’s office and generate coding scheme and data collection instrument to create analyzable, quantifiable data for the purposes of detecting potential racial disparities in case processing. (Note: this may be from electronic data or from examination of paper case files, or both).
                              4) Assemble and merge multiple data sources (such as census data, SAC data?, AG case data) into a comprehensive, analyzable format in order to identify potential conceptual and empirical modeling strategies to determine if racial disparities exist in case processing and outcomes.
                                5) To the extent that data are available, conduct analyses and make recommendations for what would be require to achieve larger, long term research goal.
                                  Implementation Plan: In order to meet the objectives, the RJP team will coordinate with members of the AG’s office to meet on-site at the AG’s office with a goal of gaining knowledge of case processing, obtaining de-identified data, generating data collection instrument and methods, including conducting preliminary analyses. The specific steps in implementation will be:
                                    1) Hold a series of meeting with AG staff to examine paper files and digital records in order for the RJP research team to grasp the utility of available data;
                                      2) Obtain IRB approval from the University Human Subjects Review Board;
                                        3) UD Scientist will supervise UD intern activities, including assigning a reading list and assignments for the summer internship course. Students submit final paper drawn from readings and experience with the research. (Note: Readings will be related to prosecutorial process and racial disparities research).
                                          4) Set up regular schedule for UD Researcher and UD scientist to be onsite for data collection. This task will require a thorough review on site records current database examination, paper files, and the construction a multiple source database;
                                            5) Working either on-site at the AG’s offices or at UD’s CDHS, the research team will conduct analyses to detect the possible presence of racial disparities in case processing.
                                              6) Prepare and submit brief report to the AG’s office discussing the findings, recommendations and detailed plan and/or MOU for larger research project to detect racial disparities in Delaware’s criminal case processing.
                                              • Ocean City Police Department" Seasonal and Full time Employment / Paid Internship Opportunities for 2017!
                                              Testing is FREE!!
                                              All Upcoming Testing Dates
                                              October 22/23
                                              November 19/20
                                              December 17/18
                                              January 7/8
                                              January 28/29
                                              February 18/19
                                              Testing will be held at the Ocean City Elementary School located at 12828 Center Dr. 
                                              Testing dates are for Full Time and Seasonal Police Officers, Public Safety Aides, and Communications Operators.
                                              Hotel Accommodations for Testing Weekend
                                              The Grand Hotel (21st St / Beach)  (410) 289-6191
                                              Use Block Code : PDTEST
                                              •  Dixon for City Council At-Large internship--available NOW and/or through Fall

                                              Summer/Fall (2016)

                                              Education: Bachelor’s Degree candidate or Master’s Degree candidate in Sociology, Public

                                              Policy, Political Science, Criminal Justice or related fields.

                                              Other qualifications desired: Interest in the political arena and helping underserved

                                              communities; superb written and oral skills, ability to work independently, highly-organized and


                                              Information about Dixon for Wilmington City Council At-Large: Rysheema Dixon is

                                              seeking elected office for Wilmington City Council At-Large. We are running a grassroots

                                              “Strong from the Ground Up” campaign. Our website is, you can find

                                              us on Twitter: @rysheemadixon, and Facebook: Dixon for City Council At-Large as well.

                                              We are looking for interns who would be interested in participating with us along the campaign

                                              trail from July to November 2016.

                                              Project Description:

                                              The project workload will be five to ten hours per week.

                                              Intern responsibilities:

                                              • Campaign Field Work
                                              • Administrative Support
                                              • Data Entry
                                              • Marketing/Communications

                                              Interns should have reliable transportation, a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

                                              This position is currently unpaid.

                                              Project Supervisor: Rysheema Dixon

                                              Please submit a resume and cover letter to:

                                              Rysheema Dixon, Candidate, or 302-516-7394

                                              *****Contact if position is secured.

                                              • the South Wilmington Planning Network internship--available NOW and/or through Fall

                                              Summer/Fall 2016
                                               Qualifications desired: Interest in urban community planning. Proficient with Microsoft applications (e.g. Work, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), superb written and oral skills, ability to work independently, highly-organized, and confident.

                                              Information about the South Wilmington Planning Network (SWPN): We represent dozens of public and private agencies who work with residents to improve quality of life in the underserved Southbridge neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware through collaborative planning partnerships. Our work is centered within three core areas: (1.) Environmental, Workforce and Economic Development, (2.) Youth Development and Programs, and (3.) Healthcare and Preventative Services. SWPN meetings are held on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month at the Neighborhood House in Wilmington. 

                                              We are in need of an intern to help coordinate our work! The project workload will be about five to ten hours per week.

                                              The intern will be required to:

                                               Support SWPN projects. Key projects this year include: farmer’s market, transportation improvements, flood reduction and sea level rise awareness support.

                                               Facilitate coordination between SWPN affiliates.

                                               Represent the SWPN at meetings.

                                               Assist with public outreach efforts.

                                              Indicate if internship is paid or unpaid: This position is currently unpaid. However, we encourage

                                              students to seek course credit.

                                              Project Supervisor: Rysheema Dixon, Network Chair, Henrietta Johnson Medical Center

                                              Please submit a resume and cover letter to:

                                              Bill Swiatek, Network Vice-Chair

                                              Senior Planner

                                              Wilmington Area Planning Council

                                              302- 737-6205 x113 or

                                              *****Contact if position is secured.

                                              General Info

                                              CRJU 495 is a practicum during which students engage in actual field experience. Special emphasis is placed on relating the field experience to academic work. Restricted to junior and senior criminal justice majors. Requires permission of instructor. Course is graded on a pass/fail basis and counts as a free elective (but does not count as a CRJU 300/400 level elective).  Download sample course syllabus below.

                                              There are several ways we can set up an internship if you’re interested. Many of the placements can be secured directly--you can apply to an internship, then notify me, and I'll enroll you in the course.  See table below for some possibilities; see also "Ongoing Competitive Placements" (also below). Alternatively, you can find a position on your own, if you are away for the summer for example.  (I am willing to give credit for people who work as a summer officer at the beach or at the office of Public Safety, for example.) 

                                              I can help you coordinate a position that you yourself find to make sure that it meets our requirements.

                                              CRJU 495 Enrollment info

                                              Remember that to enroll in CRJU 495, which meets the DLE requirement but does NOT count towards the 300/400 electives for the CJ major, you must have room to take the 4 credits. Once I approve your placement, the department will manually enroll you. 

                                              If for winter/summer enrollment, 495 is not offered, so you would have to request enrollment in an independent study, and would pay the additional winter/summer tuition.  If you need DLE credit but you enroll in an independent study, you must fill out the Independent Study and DLE Agreement (online webform), WHILE you are enrolled.


                                              If this would put you over 17 credits, you will have to get approval from the College of Arts and Sciences.

                                              If they do approve it, then that info needs to go to Deanna Nardi,, as well as to me, so we can manually add you to the class.

                                              Ongoing Competitive Placements

                                              There are several competitive
                                               internships that are currently seeking candidates: for these, you need to notify me of your interest and I will refer the top candidates for consideration.   

                                              Before I would recommend you, I need this info:

                                              •Your GPA, area of interest, and whether you have any criminal offenses or other potential "problems"

                                              • Highlight any special skills you may have, such as fluency in a foreign language, or past work

                                              experience, such as childcare, customer service etc; or other experience that may be relevant or

                                              that makes you stand out (you never know what will appeal to a supervisor/mentor)

                                              • Specify which semester you want for your placement.

                                              • If you have plans to apply to law school , graduate school or related, let me know, as this could

                                              impact on your placement.

                                              • Finally, include a resume listing your contact information, educational background, and previous work experience that I can forward to potential field experience mentors.

                                              Do you have anything that might come up during a background search?

                                              A criminal record, bad credit, and even so-called "sealed" juvenile records can cause problems when applying for internships in the cj field.  This does NOT mean you are ineligible, but that we should talk about how best to handle this, tailored to the particular placements.  Please contact me ASAP (and don't be embarrassed--I've heard it all!).

                                              Reminder from Baltimore PD... (for more info see )
                                              Be a strong applicant...
                                              College should be a fun.  However, we are seeing more applicants coming from college that are doing things to disqualify themselves from the application process.  Time can't make all issues go away and decisions students make today can affect them the rest of their professional life.
                                              Common reasons why applicants are being disqualified are:
                                              • Alcohol related incidents
                                              • Poor credit
                                              • Excessive traffic violations
                                              • Unacceptable Drug use
                                              • Poor Employment History (excessive terminations)
                                              • Not showing up ready
                                              • Try to hide information

                                              Successful applicants typically:

                                              • Have community Service
                                              • Are involved in school activities
                                              • Take challenging courses
                                              • Research organizations they apply
                                              • Show up prepared
                                              • Are honest

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                                              Placement opportunityDeadlineContact infoWebpage for more infoSkills/Experience RequiredSemester neededlocation
                                              Placement opportunityDeadlineContact infoWebpage for more infoSkills/Experience RequiredSemester neededlocation
                                              US DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF DELAWARE COURT OPERATIONS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM- SPRING 2014 (See PDF at bottom of page) rolling Submit letter of interest and resume to: or Clerk’s Office Court Operations Internship Program, Federal Building, Unit 18, 844 N. King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801  Following are the minimum qualifications for appointment: 1) A student in good standing at the University of Delaware, pursuing a degree in a legal field such as Criminal Justice or Paralegal Studies, who also has general knowledge of filing, telephone usage and record keeping, etc. 2) Must have a commitment to regular attendance, maintain a positive and pleasant attitude, work well in a team environment, have a high level of energy, and must deal tactfully and effectively with the bar and the public while maintaining a high quality standard of work. 3) Be willing to sign an “Acknowledgment of Gratuitous Services and Waiver for Uncompensated Employees” form. 4) Must be willing to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees any J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building located at 844 North King Street in Wilmington, Delaware 
                                              Delaware Office of the Child Advocate rolling send resume and cover letter to Strong writing skills, sign a Confidentiality Agreement and successfully complete a Child Protection Registry check. any Wilmington DE or Georgetown DE 
                                              Admin office of the Courts: court visits, aid with new community court varies by semester Prof Leon  outgoing any Wilmington 
                                              Federal Probation/Pretrial Services varies by semester Brittney Brooks at 267-299-4490,   Must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible to work for the U.S. Government, excellent computer, written and verbal communication skills,  Must meet the minimum time requirement of twenty (20) hours per week (for at least 10 consecutive weeks); one day per week must be a full eight (8) hour day any Philadelphia 
                                              NCCO APEX: Advancement through Pardons and Expungements) program, which helps individuals with criminal histories apply for pardons and expungements to help make them more employable ASAP Dominique Green at 302-333-7605 or . excellent communicators, analytical thinkers, and fast typists. A long-term involvement (at least 1 year) is preferred any In New Castle County, APEX operates at the Department of Labor – Wilmington @ 4425 North Market Street 
                                              Downstate APEX (Advancement through Pardons and Expungements) program, which helps individuals with criminal histories apply for pardons and expungements to help make them more employable rolling Andrew Duncan at 302-233-6462 or individuals who are excellent communicators, analytical thinkers, and fast typists. any Kent and Sussex Counties: Dover, Seaford, and Georgetown Public Libraries, also at DVR in Milford @ 24 N.W. Front Street 
                                              Vaughn Correctional Institution rolling Michael S, Little (  clean background check any Smyrna, Delaware 
                                              Cecil County State's Attorney (prosecutor) rolling Prof Leon  unquestioned moral character, demonstrated interest in legal field (eg taken Criminal Procedure, LS minor, or other) any Elkton, MD 
                                              Senator Carper's office August 31; December 31, March 31 Brad Simon, academic excellence and strong interest in public service any Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown (DE) or Washington DC 
                                              Delaware Office of the Public Defender rolling (mid-Oct at latest) Prof Leon  people skills, ability to interview defendants; ability work on own spring Wilmington (includes travel in Wilm area) 
                                              Ocean City Police Department (paid position) mid-spring: contact for testing dates Cpl. Vance J. Row #8240 501 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842 PHONE: (410) 520-5348 EMAIL:  clean criminal background summer Ocean City, MD 
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                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Nov 18, 2014, 11:37 AM
                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Nov 9, 2015, 9:45 AM
                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Mar 12, 2014, 4:26 PM
                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Nov 25, 2014, 11:30 AM
                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Apr 28, 2016, 7:17 AM
                                              Chrysanthi Leon,
                                              Aug 23, 2013, 10:11 AM