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Relay For Life

Replace the following text/image with your own:

Provide an overview of the project or work as a whole, its purpose and mission, a sentence about your role, and a summary of the value or importance of the work overall. Be very succinct.

All examples of work should have visual elements, such as diagrams or images. These elements can be abstract or concrete, personally created or taken from the public domain. Effective visual elements usually capture some kind of theme, context, or objective of the work reflected in the overall summary.

TIP: You can search online at .gov and other sites for non-copyrighted or royalty-free images.

Importance of Project/Work

Describe the larger issues and context that frame the work (e.g., the need to provide affordable health care to all people). Try to demonstrate to the reader why the work is important on at least one of several levels. Examples of these levels include:

  • Addressing your own learning/development
  • Facilitating institutional change
  • Enhancing group/community development or well-being
  • Addressing inequalities or issues in social systems locally

Goals of Project

Describe the goals of the overall project, place, program, etc., where your work takes place - the emphasis here is not on your individual work per se, but the work of the larger organization, effort, or program as a whole. If no such context exists, then you can refer to specific professional or personal goals the example of work is fulfilling.

Tasks Completed

Describe your role specifically: what you did, who you worked with, and (if applicable) how you assessed your work. BE BEHAVIORALLY SPECIFIC.

Impact of the Work

Describe the overall impact your efforts had on others (e.g., groups, communities, the evolution of a project or program, research efforts, etc.,) or your own learning.

Lessons Learned

This section is intended to convey to the reader what you learned overall and how the learning has carried forward to other areas of your life/work. For instance, if the current summary provides a snapshot of your work in a leadership role (and you learned to effectively plan, delegate, organize a group of people), then in this section you can describe how this experience gave you the foundation or confidence to take on additional leadership-related roles and responsibilities in other contexts.

Skills Gained

Use a variety of specific action verbs and behaviors to describe what you learned both personally and professionally. Search on the web for specific skill language that is relevant to your interests, field, or area of work and then integrate that language into this section wherever possible; when you find additional skill language, make sure to share it with your peers.