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This is your showcase area where you can demonstrate what you have done both in and outside the classroom, on campus and in the community. Besides providing your audience with example artifacts and experiences, the showcase actually gives the viewer an opportunity to read about what you did, why you did it and the impact it has made on you personally and professionally.

Use this overview page to summarize or outline why the work or projects you selected in your showcase area are important. Is there a common theme that runs through your experiences? How do they best represent and capture your accomplishments.

The Showcase section should be well organized. Create additional pages for each experience you want to highlight. Consider using categories which best reflect your experiences, skills or accomplishments.

Ideas for categories or sections:
Advising, Advocacy, Arts-Related Programs, Communication Skills, Community Work, Conflict Resolution Skills, Facilitation, Fundraising, Global Engagement, Grant Writing, Group and Team Work, Internships, Leadership, Learning from Diversity, Policy Work, Professional Development, Program Development, Program Management, Research, Self-Assessment, Social Change, Social Identities, Special Focus, Study Abroad, Technical Skills

In addition to any of the above,  you may want to consider these for the following professions:
  • Nursing: Clinical Evaluations, Clinical Experiences, Clinical Technical Skills
  • Education: Curriculum Development, Problem Solving, Reflective Practitioners, Teaching Diverse Learners
  • Professional Writing: Writing Samples, Media Samples
  • Art Conservation: Studio Art, Hobbies
When creating each showcase piece, consider the following:
  • Writing an Overview of the project or experience
  • Highlighting the importance of this work
  • Sharing the Goals of the project
  • Detailing the Tasks completed
  • Explaining the Impact of work
  • Summarizing the Lessons Learned and Connections made to your work/life
  • Outlining the Skills Gained