Professional Philosophy Statement

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A professional philosophy statement should be a concise, thoughtful statement about your beliefs and how they are important to you. Writing a philosophy statement can be a daunting task, because most people don’t articulate their beliefs — even though their beliefs lay the foundation for their actions. Below are some questions to help you consider your beliefs and values and how they drive your underlying philosophy:

  • What passions, beliefs, spiritual and/or religious values, experiences, etc. have inspired and/or guided you? Are there any people or communities that have influenced you?
  • Identify some specific ways your attitudes, actions, and choices reflect the values described above. How do you think your passions, values, and beliefs are expressed in your daily life? Write some specific examples of how your commitments, thoughts, choices, and/or interactions with others reflect your underlying beliefs and values.
  • Do you feel (or have you ever felt) a sense of purpose or direction in terms of wanting to make a difference in the world? If so, describe it.