4. Summer Faculty Institute

The year's institute format will tweak what we've been doing recently.
  • The 4 full-day program will take the shape of a course.
  • Faculty participants will be "students" for the week.
  • The sessions will be co-facilitated by IT staff and selected faculty.
  • The content of the sessions will be how to choose among, and implement, the available instructional technology. 
  • Participants will "take" every aspect of a course the way a student would.
  • In the process, participants will acquire the technical and pedagogical skills to teach using these things themselves. 
  • Participants will work through all of the aspects of a course: from designing a syllabus, to putting resources online, to assessment, etc.
The keynote speaker is Susan Smith Nash. 

She blogs here:

Two of her books:
Excellence in College Teaching and Learning: Classroom and Online Instruction

Leadership and the E-Learning Organization

Our Summer Faculty Institute web site is here: