The Lending Library Model of Research Experience for Teachers

When teachers come to observe and participate in engineering research they gain valuable experience and insight that they can share with their own students.  When they come and produce a learning module, that is based on the research and is articulated with state and national science teaching standards, to be housed in our Lending Library, their knowledge and yours can be shared with teachers throughout the state.  That means that your impact is broader.

Amount of time
Teachers generally spend two weeks in your lab and three to four weeks to develop the module. 
They are expected to work as full-time employees.

What you do
Provide a project on which the teachers can work, with supervision (you, a graduate student or highly qualified undergraduate).
Be available to answer questions, give guidance and consult on the technical aspects of the module.
Provide space for them to house their personal materials and a space in which to work.

What we do
We provide weekly pedagogical sessions, during lunch, that help the teachers to develop the modules.
We recruit teachers for you, making every effort to provide you with the type of teacher best suited to work in your lab.
Provide an educational expert to consult on the design of your module, ensuring the modules success and impact.

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