Providing rich experience for your child is important to their development.  Our office is poised to offer fun learning opportunities for students from Kindergarten through their senior year of high school.  From mini-camps to Family Fridays, we want to welcome you to the College of Engineering to explore and engage in exciting new activities.

Summer camps at UD K-12 Engineering are designed to provide developmentally-appropriate, challenging and fun activities.  Your children will be working with university faculty and/or PhD students - something we are uniquely able to provide.  They will be visiting working labs in which scientific discovery surrounds them.  The learning opportunities are many and the expectations are high, because   we believe that our participants, with their capabilities and our support and guidance, can excel.

Research shows that, when parents and children are co-educated, children's achievement improves.  That's just another way of saying that learning together helps everyone.  UD K-12 Engineering wants you and your child to come and learn about engineering topics that are interesting and fun.  See what our calendar has to offer your family.