Creating and Hosting a Competition

Research shows that students remember competitions; they remember the knowledge and the experience they gained participating and the people with whom they worked.  Competitions provide problem-based learning scenarios that provide great learning opportunities. 

Amount of time

You will need to spend approximately one week (7 full days) planning the event, detailing the rules of the event and staging the competition.

What you do
Provide a project or concept on which the competition can be centered.

Be available to answer questions, give guidance and consult on the technical aspects of the competition.

Provide space for the competition.

Provide graduate or undergraduates to assist on the day of the event.

Provide graduate or undergraduate assistants to enter data from the evaluation.

Pay for refreshments for the event.

Pay for prizes for the event.

What we do
We recruit students for you, making every effort to provide you with students best suited to your event.

We will assist in content development for the event.

We provide event day support and planning assistance.

We will design and implement an appropriate evaluation.