Mission Statement

The Friends of Killens Pond State Park is a non-profit organization
with a mission to enjoy and protect the land within
Killens Pond State Park and its management areas
 and to actively participate in the Park’s preservation and improvement.

As a Friends member you can:

  • Volunteer at Killens Pond State Park to help with its many activities and maintenance projects
  • Feel good about "giving back" to your community

  • Get to know the other Friends members and the park staff and learn more about the park, its history and the hopes and plans for the future

  • Help develop programs and fun events at the park

  • Have the opportunity to get involved in fund-raising efforts for program funding and park improvements

  • Enjoy the park even more!


    If you do your Internet searches and purchasing through Good Search at  http://www.goodsearch.com/,

     you will earn money for the Friends of Killens Pond State Park with every search 

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    (Please be sure to ADD us as your charity of choice prior to using Good Search

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Last updated: March 14, 2017
with questions or suggestions

Join the Friends of Killens Pond State Park on the second and fourth Thursday of each month  

Call 302-450-6310 for more information




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