Center for Improving Learning of Fractions 

The Institute of Education Sciences, a research branch of the U.S. Department of Education, has awarded a $10 million grant to University of Delaware Prof. Nancy C. Jordan and her two colleagues, Lynn Fuchs at Vanderbilt University and Robert Siegler at Carnegie Mellon University, to fund a five-year research and development center aimed at understanding difficulties students have with fractions.

The Center for Improving Learning of Fractions, administered at UD, will focus on improving math instruction for elementary and middle school children who have problems with math concepts, specifically fractions.

"It's really exciting but also a huge responsibility," said Jordan.  "The center is going to involve top researchers coming together to work on solving an important problem in education."


To understand the problems that children with mathematics difficulties (MD) have with rational numbers and to develop effective interventions for addressing those problems.

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