Network Overview

The Faculty Developer Network for Undergraduate Biology Education (FDN-UBE) is an NSF-funded RCN-UBE project for advancing the professional development of undergraduate biology faculty to improve teaching and learning of biology. The network is building and supporting a community of practitioners to analyze the state of the field of professional development, identify gaps in practice, then engage professional societies and other organizations in a series of coordinated and collaborative efforts to improve faculty development. The goal is that improved opportunities for faculty development should enhance biology teaching and learning in all institutional contexts.

The FDN-UBE fosters exchanges and partnerships between the constituencies essential for effective biology faculty development through use of idea-generating network cluster meetings, all-network synthesis meetings, smaller working group meetings, and online collaboration tools.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation in support of efforts to address the challenges posed in Vision and Change in Undergraduate Education: A Call to Action
Award # DBI 1346570